100 Word Challenge Week # 13

I was out camping with my family when we saw a couple of deer together. My sister chased them and they ran but they were exhausted. finally when she gave up she came back also exhausted. we went to sleep a few hours later. when i woke up my sister was gone. i assumed she was chasing a rabbit today. turns out i was wrong she was in the lake. after my mom got my sister cleaned up we went on a hike. I saw the exact same deer  from yesterday. after i  told my sister Lilly she chased the deer right away.

Week #3 100 Word Challenge

I looked out my window to see if my moms car was there...but it wasn't. A few seconds later I saw my moms car in the ally but it seemed to be goingbackwards. I looked again it was completely normal.I looked away and ran down stairs. My mom was holding bags of groceries. I went to go help her. We went outside to get more groceries.When we came back inside I didn't tell her what I saw. I ran back up and I thought I  should tell my mom what I saw. I ran back downstairs and told her what I saw. mom said the car was just in reverse...and she left again.